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"A Music Plus is the finest
connection for live music talent in the state. Pat Bruno and his team recently provided our company with a fabulously talented classical guitarist. He was wonderful to work with, and immediately
charmed and thoroughly captivated our guests. Since then I have had the opportunity to attend several events that A Music Plus has overseen musically and I have been exceedingly impressed each time. They will have all my business in the future."
Cindy Ollig, The Perfect Petal

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Why Us?

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Have you considered that the entertainment is probably the most important decision that you will make for your event? Think about it. Walk through the halls of a major hotel sometime when there are several events going on. We do, and here’s what we see. If the band is good, the dance floor is full and guests are having a great time. If the band is bad, guests are milling about in the halls, or worse, heading for the door! Forget the food, the flowers, the cake,’s the band that makes or breaks the party!

What do you and your friends remember most about weddings or similar functions that you go to? How great the chicken was? The amazing color of purple in the flowers? The incredible cake? Those are parts of the day, but what everyone is left talking about for months (years?) to come is the dancing, the music, the fun you had!

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We’ve worked events held practically in a barn with no decorations that were incredible parties. People danced all night and had big fun. On the other hand, there are events held at the finest establishments, with the finest decor, food, etc., that were absolute disasters because the entertainment was bad. People can’t wait to say their good-byes and get out the door.

Okay, hopefully we’ve convinced you about the importance of finding great entertainment. So the next question is what makes A Music Plus so special? What is it about A Music Plus that has practically every major entertainment agency in the area referring us (the industry vendors know who is the best); that is included on the preferred vendors list of most every caterer and banquet facility in town?

Here’s the secret. There is no one’s the sum of all the little things. (If A Music Plus employees had a dollar for every time they’ve heard owner Pat Bruno say that...) Seriously, though, it’s true. So “add up” these little things and see if you don’t conclude that A Music Plus is one great Talent Agency.

The company attitude, from the top down, is that we only get one chance to make an event right. Each and every event we do is treated like one of our own. We are a full-time company. Call us any day or just stop by. No phone-tag the week of your event, no difficulties trying to schedule appointments or get answers about your event.

classical guitar We manage the talent so you don't have to. Musicians are hard-working individuals, with rehearsals, teaching, recording, etc., to manage. We coordinate the details of your event so that the musicians can focus on what they do best: play great music.

classical guitar Being the best entertainment service available is all we do. We don't try to be a photography company/ caterer/ videographer...whatever. We find the highest quality, talented musicians and provide them for your event. Someone once said focus on one thing and be the best at it. That’s what we do.

classical guitar We treat our musicians well. They are well-paid and love working for A Music Plus. Just ask them. Musicians that love their job do a great job for you.

wedding musicians We have been in business since 1985, and have performed at over 15,000 events. That's a lot of experience on your side.

wedding musicians We have a great reputation (and we work hard to live up to it). Ask your other vendors. You will be hard-pressed to find a special events vendor that has anything but praise for A Music Plus.

wedding musicians We staff a full-time live event coordinator. He is available to help you plan every detail. Each week he calls every one of our clients to confirm every last detail, and he makes sure the musicians have that information on hand at your event. He also calls the facility hosting the event to confirm details with them. Our coordinator's job is to worry about every detail so you don't have to.

wedding musicians We have a 24-hour emergency answering service. If you have an emergency you don't get voice mail; you get a live person who will help you.

wedding musicians We provide you with a free comprehensive planning guide to help you plan the details of your event. Most clients tell us that their planner truly helped them get organized and go into their event relaxed and (relatively) worry-free.

wedding musicians We observe our musicians on a regular basis. Staff members from the office randomly visit events to make note of the performances and to make sure our clients are happy. Then we follow up with the musicians to make suggestions for improvement.

wedding musicians We follow-up with every client to make sure their event was perfect. We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve our service.

wedding musicians Every year we take our full-time staff on a retreat, where we analyze every facet of the company, searching for ways to improve.

wedding musicians We could go on and on, but you get the picture. We've got a great service and we’re proud of our work. Give us a call if we can answer any questions or help you in any way. We would love to add you to our list of thousands of ecstatic clients!

wedding music

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