As you well know your wedding shoes are a very important part of your wedding day keeping your feet feeling great!  Make sure you have dancing shoes too to keep up with your wedding reception.  For your first dance check out the shoes below:

“I Do” Shoes

First you found “the One,” and then you found “the Dress” – what comes next? The shoes! Here are our top 5 tips for picking your wedding shoes.

  1. Shop Around – It’s a good idea to try a few different styles with your dress when you’re trying to perfect pair. Just like when you’re wedding dress shopping, if you walk into it looking for something overly specific you may miss out on something truly spectacular so try to be open minded!
  2. Bring Them to a Fitting – Not only is it important to make sure you get the right hem length for your dress, but you also want to make sure the colour and style is right for the dress. We would even suggest having a couple pairs to try with the dress before making a decision – just make sure you check the return policy before purchasing!
  3. Location, Location, Location – This one is especially important for all you destination brides! Think about where your ceremony and reception locations are taking place before you make any shoe decisions. If your ceremony is on the beach, is there a hard aisle? If not, you’ll definitely want something flat or perhaps may even go barefoot and opt for heels for the reception portion.
  4. Take Them for a Test Drive – It’s important to break in your shoes a bit in order to make them more comfortable for your big day! Understandably, you likely won’t want to take them outside or show them off too much, so try wearing them at your desk or around the house.
  5. Stay True to You – It’s easy to get caught up in the oh-so-glamorous world of wedding shoes, but make sure you get something that is a reflection of you! Not just style-wise, but heel height as well. That means no matter how much you adore that totally swoon-worthy Eden Crystal-Embellished Sandal by Aquazzura, that 4 ½” stiletto heel is quite simply not going work if you’re more of a 2” heel or less kind of gal. Trust us, there is nothing worse than a pair of aching feet taking away from you big day!  Click here to see more …

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