Here at A Music Plus we tend to put the wedding entertainment as priority for your Big Day!  Take a look below for some great planning ideas we found to help your wedding reception be memorable by all.

Keep your guests on your dancefloor all night long with these finishing touch ideas…

#1 Lay out the rules

#2 Provide dance-ready footwear

We’re talking those Pin-worthy baskets of flip-flops you’ve already seen – they really do make a difference! If budgets are tight, gift guests the flip-flops as a wedding favour at the start of the reception.  

#3 Bump up the flooring

Order a decal that can go centre-stage: it could display your initials, your names, your wedding date, your wedding hashtag – or a combination of them all! Alternatively, entire the floor as a whole: for example, you could lay down second-hand rugs to add extra colour and cheer to a bohemian celebration.

#4 Look up!

Similarly, adorn the ceiling! Whether it’s with balloons, bunting, streamers or a single, statement chandelier…  Click here to read the full article.

If you are in the planning stages of your wedding reception and want great ideas on how to engage your guests to participate on the dance floor, the first step is to hire the best wedding DJ Denver has to offer that will get them and keep them moving all reception long.  With great planning you can guarantee your guests will enjoy your wedding just as much as you will.